OptiMax 225: Big Performers Miserly on Fuel

Proven over time

For more than a decade, the Mercury OptiMax has been getting boaters where they need to go quickly, efficiently and reliably. It’s not surprising, because we designed it that way. Our exclusive Direct Injection system leads every other DFI outboard in power, fuel efficiency, reliability and versatility. Maybe that’s why OptiMax is the world’s top selling Direct fuel injected outboard.

The Mercury Direct Injection advantage
The smaller the fuel particle the better the combustion. Mercury OptiMax direct fuel injection system sends a mist of microscopic, atomized fuel and air particles directly in to the cylinder. At just a fraction of the size of the diameter of a human hair, these fuel particles burn quicker, cleaner and more completely producing low emissions, better fuel economy and more responsive performance in a durable engine package.

Pull away from the pack
Need to stand out from the rest and beat the other guys to the next stop? Not a problem. The Mercury OptiMax ProXs will blow away the competition when it comes to speed, power and acceleration. The Mercury OptiMax Pro XS series are a direct descendent from the Mercury OptiMax race engines that have won more tournaments and races than any other outboard manufactures combined.

Piston up piston down
Piston upstroke, piston downstroke, two simple strokes that deliver a powerful advantage. The 200-250 OptiMax are a culmination of years of technological innovation. From the start our goal was to provide boaters with superior acceleration and top speed all while delivering the clean, durable fuel efficiency you expect from an outboard motor.

The DI advantage
The Mercury OptiMax proven direct fuel injected system uses the most efficient fuel-and-air atomization. The unique pistons help redirect the fuel-air charge to the spark plug and the OptiMax air compressor delivers a precise charge of air for maximum combustion efficiently. In addition OptiMax is light and requires low maintenance. Add it all up and you will find that OptiMax will save money on your pocketbook.